ESTABLISHED: 14 September 1993

MISSION: The Council acts as a "think-tank" on important environmental policy matters and advises the Ministry of Environment & Forests in its work on environmental policy and planning matters of national concern.


a. COMPOSITION(Number of members per sector):

Ministries and governmental agencies:   31
Non-Governmental Organizations:         13
Academic/Research Institutions:         19
Business/Productive Sector:             10
Others:                                 28
TOTAL NUMBER OF MEMBERS:               101*

*Note: plus "Environmental Ministers of all States/UTS"


CHAIRMAN: Prime Minister
VICE CHAIRMAN: Minister for Environment and Forests
Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests
Inspector General of Forests, Ministry of Environment and Forests
Secretary, Department of Power
Secretary, Ministry of Surface Transport
Secretary, Ministry of Industry
Secretary, Department of Chemicals and Petro-Chemicals
Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
Secretary, Department of Legal Affairs
Secretary, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation
Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development
Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development
Finance Secretary
Secretary, Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
Secretary, Ministry of Mines
Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Director General, Indian Council for Forestry Research and Education
Director General, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research
Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research
Director General, Department of Tourism
Director General, Archeological Survey of India
Director, Industrial Toxicological Research Centre
Director, Botanical Survey of India
Director, Zoological Survey of India
Director, National Institute of Oceanography
Director, National Environment Engineering Research Institute
Director, Tata Energy Research Institute
Director, Indian Institute of Forest Management
Director, Wildlife Insitute of India
Director, GB Pant Himalayan Environment & Development Institute
Director, National Museum of Natural History
Chairman, Central Pollution Control Board
Chairman, National Thermal Power Corporation
Chairman, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
Chairman, University Grants Commission
Member of Planning Commission (dealing with Environment)
President, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
President, Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
President, Confederation of Indian Industry
Chairman, Federation of Small Industry
Chairman, National Hotel Federation
Chairman, World Wide Fund for Nature, India
Chairman, National Consumers' Federation
Five from amongst persons who have been awarded prizes/fellowships by 
the Ministry for special  achievements in forestry or pollution control:
Shri Sant Kumar Bishnoi; Shri Chandi Prasad Bhatt; 
Shri Annasaheb Hazare; Shri M.C. Mehta; Smt. Vandana Shiva
Three Members of the Lok Sabha to be nominated by the Ministry of 
Parliamentary Affairs
Two members of the Rajya Sabha to be nominated by the Ministry of 
Parliamentary Affairs
Five representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):
Shri Anil Agarwal, Center for Science and Environment
Shri Askok Khosla, Development Alternatives
Shri Shyam Chainani, Bombay Environmental Action Group
Smt. Nandita Krishna, CPR Environment Centre
Shri B. Pathak, Sulabh International
Three Eminent Environmentalists:
Shri Duleep Mathai; Shri B.B. Vohra; Shri M.N. Buch
Three Eminent Scientists:
Shri M.S. Swaminathan; Shri S. Ramachandran; Shri Madhav Gadgil
Three Eminent Journalists/Media persons:
Shri Daryll D'Monte; Shri Vir Sanghvi; Shri Ramesh Agarwal
Three Eminent Industrialists:
Shri H.S. Singhania; Shri A.L. Muthaiah; Shri Ratan Tata
Non-official members from the following Authorities/Boards to be nominated 
by the Chairman:
Shri Biplab Basu, National Afforestation and Eco-Development Board
Mrs. Usha Rai, National Waste Management Council
Shri Bittoo Sehgal, Animal Welfare Board
Shri Ashok Kumar, Central Zoo Authority
Dr. T.N. Khoshoo, Central Ganga Authority
Central Board of Forestry (not constituted as yet)
Shri Deb Roy, Indian Board for Wildlife
Environment Ministers of all States/UTS