ESTABLISHED: October 1988

MISSION: The mandate of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy is to play the role of catalyst in identifying, explaining and promoting, in all sectors of Canadian society and in all regions of Canada, principles and practices of sustainable development by: a) undertaking research and gathering information and analyses on critical issues of sustainable development; b) advising governments on global issues of sustainable development and on ways of integrating environmental and economic considerations into their decision-making processes; c) advising those sectors and regions on ways of incorporating principles and practices of sustainable development into their activities; d) promoting public awareness and understanding of the cultural, social, economic and policy changes required to attain sustainable development; and e) facilitating and assisting cooperative efforts in Canada to overcome barriers to the attainment of sustainable development.


a. COMPOSITION (Number of members per sector): .

Ministries and governmental agencies:	 8
Non-Governmental Organizations:     	 4
Academic/Research Institutions:		 4
Business/Productive Sector:		 	 7
Others:                                  	 0
CHAIR: Dr. George Connell 
The Honourable Jane Barry, Minister of the Environment for New Brunswick 
and Chair, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment R.C. (Reg) 
Basken, President, The Communications, Energy & Paper Workers 
The Honourable Sheila Copps, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of 
Environment, Government of  Canada 
The Honourable J. Glen Cummings, Minister of Environment, Government of 
Pat Delbridge, President, Pat Delbridge Associates, Inc. 
Josefina Gonzalez, Research Scientist, Forintek Canada Corp 
Diane Griffin, Executive Director, Island Nature Trust 
Tony Hodge, School of Planning, McGill University 
Susan Holtz, Environmentalist, Nova Scotia 
John E. Houghton, Chairman, QUNO Corporation 
Pierre Marc Johnson, Directeur de recherche, Centre de médecine, 
d'éthique et de droit de l'Université McGill 
Geraldine Kenney-Wallace, President and Vice-chancellor, McMaster 
Lester Lafond, President, Lafond Enterprises 
Jack MacLeod, Corporate Director 
The Honourable John Manley, Minister of Industry, Government of Canada 
The Honourable Paul Martin, Minister of Finance, Government of Canada 
The Honourable Anne McLellan, Minister of Natural Resources, Government 
of Canada 
David Morton, Chairman, Alcan Aluminum 
Bob Page, Dean, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary 
Leone Pippard, President and Executive Director, Canadian Ecology Advocates 
His Honour Judge Barry D. Stuart, Territorial Court of Yukon 


ESTABLISHED: November 1992

MISSION: Established as a follow-up to the Earth Summit, the Projet de Société is a multi-stakeholder partnership of government, indigenous, business and voluntary organizations committed to promoting Canada's transition to a sustainable future. The Projet provides a forum for bringing sectors and individuals together to build consensus and partnerships and to link their activities and contributions to a common purpose. The immediate goal of the Projet is to build a National Sustainable Development Strategy. Such a strategy must build on the many relevant activities already begun in Canada by governments, businesses, industry associations and local communities, giving them clearer strategic focus and linkage.


a. COMPOSITION (Number of Members per Sector):

    Ministries and governmental agencies:		24
    Non-Governmental Organizations:      		41
    Academic/Research Institutions:       	 2
    Business/Productive Sector:              19
    Others:                                   3
    TOTAL NUMBER OF MEMBERS:                 		89


CHAIR: Dr. George Connell, Projet de Société: Planning for a Susta-
inable Future, Ottawa, Ontario  Mr. Vahid L. Aidun, Canadian Federal of 
Agriculture, Ottawa, Ontario 
Honourable Titus Alloloo, Minister of Renewable Resources, Yellowknife, 
Northwest Territories 
Mr. Bruce Amos, Chair, Canada/MAB Working Group on Giosphere Reserves, 
Canadian  Commission for UNESCO, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Alan F.J. Artibise, Executive Director, International Centre for 
Sustainable Cities, Vancouver, British Columbia 
Ms. Jean Arnold, Fallsbrook Centre, Hartland, New Brunswick 
Mr. David Barron, Vice-President, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, 
Montréal, Québec 
Jean-Denis Barry, Co-ordinator, Focus 2000, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Richard Beaudin, President, An'DEEN Hyun, Aboriginal Non-Profit Homes, 
Orleans, Ontario 
Mr. Jean Bélanger, President, Canadian Chemical Producers Association, 
Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. David Bennett, Canadian Labour Congress, Ottawa, Ontario 
Ms. Judith Berlyn, Canadian Peace Alliance, Montréal, Québec 
Mr. Keith Bezanson, President, IDRC, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Harry Bombay, NAFA, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Dale Bottin, Canadian Federal of Independent Business, Regina, 
Ms. Lynn Broughton, Forum for Sustainability, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Doug Bruchet, Vice President, Environment, Health and Safety, 
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Calgary, Alberta 
The Honourable William Brewster, Minister of Renewable Resources, 
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory 
Mr. Les Carpenter, ICC, Ottawa, Ontario 
Ms. Louise Comeau, National Coordinator, Green Energy Campaign, Ottawa, 
The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, Prime Minister of Canada, Ottawa, 
Ontario .
Monsieur Michael Cloghesy, Président, Centre Patronal de  l'environnement 
du Québec, Montréal, Québec 
The Honourable Sheila Copps, Minister of the Environment, Hull, Québec 
Mr. Jack Christie, Picton, Ontario 
Mr. François Coutu, Agent de communication, L'Association canadienne pour 
les Nations Unies, Ottawa, Ontario 
The Honourable Patt Cowan, Minister of Environment, Government of Newfoundland 
and Labrador, St. John's, Newfoundland 
Mr. John Dillon, Senior Associate, Business Council on National Issues, Ottawa, 
Mr. Ronald Doering, Executive Director, National Round Table on Environment and 
Mr. Lee Doney, Executive Director, British Columbia Round Table, Victoria, British 
Mr. Tim Draimin, Director Development Policy, Canadian Council for International 
Cooperation,  Ottawa, Ontario 
M. Bernard Dufresne, Evêques Catholiques du Canada, Ottawa, Ontario 
M. François Dumaine, National Anti-Poverty Association, Ottawa, Ontario 
The Honourable Brian Evans, Minister of Environmental Protection, Government of 
Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta 
Mr. Terry Fenge, Executive Director, CARC, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Charlie Ferguson, INCO, Toronto Dominion Centre, Ontario 
Ms. Janine Ferretti, Executive Director, Pollution Probe, Toronto, Ontario .
Mrs. Sylvia Franke, Canadian Healthy Communities Network, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland 
Honourable John Fraser, Ambassador for the Environment and Sustainable Development, 
Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Gary Gallon, Canadian Environment Industry Association, Ontario Chapter, 
Toronto, Ontario 
Mr. Ron George, President, Native Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario 
Ms. Cindy Gilday, Indigenous Survival International, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Jon Grant, Chair, Ontario Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, 
Toronto, Ontario 
Mr. George Greene, Director, General, Policy Branch, CIDA, Hull, Québec 
Mr. David Hallman, The United Church of Canada, Toronto, Ontario 
Dr. Arthur Hanson, President and CEO, IISD, Winnipeg, Manitoba .
The Honourable Robert Harrison, Minister of Environment, Halifax, Nova Scotia 
Ms. Doreen Henley, Canadian Manufacturer's Association, Ottawa, Ontario 
Ms. Susan Holtz, Environmentalist, Armdale, Nova Scotia 
Mr. Chuck Hopkins, Superintendent, Curriculum, Toronto Board of Education, 
Toronto, Ontario 
Mr. Mike Kelly, Executive Director, Clean Air Strategy for Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta 
Mr. Jamie Kneene, Inuit Tapirisat of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario 
M. Robert Lauzon, Adjoint du Sous-Ministre, Développement Durable et Conservation, 
Ministre de  l'Environnement 
The Honourable David MacDonald, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Carmeron MacLeod, CSSR/Greenprint, Nepean, Ontario 
Mr. Jack MacLeod, Corporate Director, Calgary, Alberta 
Mr. Sheldon McLeod, CCME, Winnepeg, Manitoba 
Ms. Elizabeth May, Executive Director, Cultural Survival Canada, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Patrick McGuinness, Vice President, Fisheries Council of Canada, Ottawa, 
Mr. Kevin McNamee, Director of Wildlands Programs, Canadian Nature Federation, 
Ottawa, Ontario 
Mme. Elizabeth Marsollier, Conseil de la Conservation et de l'environnement, 
Québec, Québec 
Mr. Ovide Mercredi, National Chief, Assembly of First Nations, Ottawa, Ontario 
Dr. George Miller, President, The Mining Association of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Gerald Morin, Métis National Council, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Nick Mulder, Deputy Minister, Environment Canada, Hull, Québec 
Mr. Tazim Nathoo, Vice President, VanCity Credit Union, Vancouver, British 
Mr. Stefan Ochman, Caucus Coordinator, Canadian Environmental Network, 
Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Peter Padbury, Environment Coordinator, Canadian Council for 
International Cooperation,  Ottawa, Ontario 
L'Honorable Pierre Paradis, Ministre de l'environnement, Ste-Foy, Québec 
Dr. Bob Page, Dean, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, 
Calgary, Alberta 
M. Normand Parisien, Directeur coordinateur, Transport 2000 Québec, Montréal, 
Ms. Leone Pippard, President and Executive Director, Canadian Ecology Advocates, 
St Jean, Ile  d'Orléans, Québec 
Mr. Richard Rémillard, Canadian Bankers Association, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mr. Barry Sadler, Projet Director, Projet de Société: Planning for a Sustainable 
Ms. Eva Schacherl, Executive Director, Canadian Environmental Network 
The Honourable Moe Sihota, Minister of Environment, Land and Parks, Victoria, 
British Columbia 
M. Christian Simard, Directeur Général, Union Québecoise pour la Conservation 
de la Nature, Charlebourg, Québec 
Mr. Dan Smith, United Native Nations, Vancouver, British Columbia 
Mr. Jack Smugler, CMHC, Ottawa, Ontario 
Mrs. Gail Stacey-Moore, President, Native Women's Association of Canada, 
Ottawa, Ontario 
Prof. Judith Swan, Executive Director, Oceans Institute of Canada, Halifax, 
Nova Scotia 
Ms. Shauna Sylvester, British Columbia Environment and Development Working 
Group, Vancouver, British Columbia 
Ms. Susan Tanner, Executive Director, Friends of the Earth, Ottawa, Ontario 
Ms. Kathy Thompson, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Ottawa, Ontario .
The Honourable Bud Wildman, Minister of Environment and Energy, Government 
of Ontario,  Toronto, Ontario 
Dr. Rick Wilson, British Columbia Round Table on the Environment and the 
Economy, Victoria,  British Columbia 
Dr. Anne Whyte, Director General, Environmental and Natural Resources Division 
Ms. Zonny Woods, Canada World Youth, Winnipeg, Manitoba 
The Honourable Bernhard Weins, Minister of Environment and Resources, Government 
of  Saskatchewan, Regina, Saskatchewan 
Ms. Miriam Wyman, Women and Sustainability Network, North York, Ontario