ESTABLISHED: November 1994

MISSION: The Commission which was recently established within the office of the Prime Minister is the coordinating body for all environmental matters in the Bahamas. It is intended to be the contact institute and focal point for Government Agencies and private sector institutions in The Bahamas as well as for International Organizations. The Commission is currently putting together a national strategy and action plan for sustainable development.




CHAIR:  H. E.  Mrs. Lynn Holowesko, Ambassador designate for The Environment 
and Chairman, The Bahamas Environment and Techonology Commission
Mr. Oris Russell, Retired, served as Permanent Secretary in the Ministries of 
Foreign Affairs and Agriculture,  past President and founding member of the 
Bahamas National Trust
Mr. Pericles Maillis, Environmental Lawyer and Deputy President, The Bahamas 
National Trust
Mr. Gary Larson, Executive Director, The Bahamas National Trust
Dr. Keva Bethel, Principal, College of the Bahamas
Ms. Angela Cleare, Director of Business Development, Ministry of Tourism
Dr. Donald Cooper, Director of Environmental Health Services, Department of 
Environmental Health Services and Ministry of Health and Environmental
Mr. Kenneth Lightbourne, Director of Meteorology, Department of Meteorology , 
Ministry of Transport
Miss. Marilyn Zoncle,  Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Michael Major, Deputy Director of Physical Planning, Department of Physical 
Planning and Ministry of Public Works
Dr. Keith Campbell, Senior Veterinary Officer, Department of Agriculture, 
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Mr. Eric Carey, Assistant Agricultural Officer,  Department of Agriculture, 
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Mr. Michael Stubbs, Climate Officer, Department of Meteorology,  Ministry of 
Mr. Earl Deveaux, Director of Agriculture
Mr. Colin Higgs, Director of Fisheries
Mrs. Jacqueline Murray, Under Secretary, Ministry of Education
Mrs. Mavis Hanek, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health
Mr. Philip Weech, Senior Hydrologist, Water and Sewerage Corporation
Miss. Sally Moss, Senior Assitant Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Damian Francis, Department of Public Works