Jay Budzik Educational History 1995-Present The College of the University of Chicago - Chicago, IL Concentration: Computer Science with minor in Mathematics (expected graduation: Summer, ...
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Ukraine Law Sciences Academy
The Law Sciences Academy of the Ukraine (LSAU) was founded as a scientific state institution by the president of the Ukraine. LSAU is a self­governing organization and its multifaceted research and ...
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Welcome to Web Camp
Information Technology and the Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning at Rice University, in conjunction with the Science Academy of South Texas, are offering a Web Camp to train high school ...
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Stevenson M.S. Exploring Tech Applied Math & Science Academy - Tech Modules
Technology Modules. Click on a button to access a module page... Back to Main Page
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Yahoo! Regional:U.S. States:Illinois:Cities:Aurora:Education
Personalize Help - Check Email Home : Regional : U.S. States : Illinois : Cities : Aurora : Education Yahoo! Get Local maps, news, directories and more. News ...
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Vulcan Science Academy
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Title : Technical Sciences Academy Proposal Type : Award NSF Org
DUE Latest Amendment Date : August 30, 1994 File : a9454651 Award Number: 9454651 Award Instr.: Standard Grant Prgm Manager: Elizabeth J. Teles DUE ...
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International Mathematics and Science Academy
(sponsored by Batchu Foundation) Peddapuram, Andhra Pradesh, 533 437, INDIA (Near Kakinada, on south east coast of India) Phone : 91-8858 41191 Fax : 91-8858 41473 Website: FIRST ...
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Teacher Summer Science Academy ACCESS Center, California State ...
Teacher Summer Science Academy ACCESS Center, California State University at Los Angeles (CSULA) 6-9 San Gabriel Valley Summer '96 The ACCESS Center offers a Teacher Summer ...
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Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Pathways Home Page | Critical Issues for this area | Beginning of this Critical Issue The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) originated from a curriculum design ...
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