Deep River Science Academy
Deep River Science Academy
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Carnegie Science Academy
The Carnegie Science Academy is a place where teens can explore the worlds of science and technolgy.
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Science Academy of South Texas (Mercedes)
1998 Masterminds Champions!. . If you are an 8th grader living in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, click here Summer required reading lists Teachers and students can apply to STISD online ...
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TÜBA has been invited to the meeting of "ALL EUROPEAN ACADEMIES" (ALLEA). TÜBA President Prof.Dr.Ayhan O. Çavdar and Academy principal member Prof.Dr.Erdoğan Şuhubi have participated in the meeting. TÜBA has established, in this way, ...
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Cameron summer science academy attracts students from across Oklahoma
For Immediate Release -- June 4, 1997 Twenty-four high school students from across Oklahoma have been selected to attend Cameron University's summer science academy, ...
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Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Academy of -- Encarta® Concise ...
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Academy of, organization founded in 1927 in Hollywood, California, to raise the cultural and technical standards of professional ...
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LBJ Science Academy Sucks Rocks Gee Whiz, Mr. Science by Roseana Auten
To hear most people tell it, Eddie Orum hasn't an enemy in the world. The principal of LBJ High School since the 1992-93 school year, Orum is a black leader with a reputation for impeccable moral character, strong rhetorical skills, and a ...
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Undergraduate Handbook: Chapter 8
Political Science Undergraduate Handbook Chapter 8: The Political Science Academy. The Political Science Academy (PSA) is an organization that aims to bring students and faculty together to discuss ...
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Illinois Math and Sciences Academy. Collective Behavior in Gnats
Team: Kurt Gimbel, Ashley Morgan, Ryan Pierce, Russel Simmons, and David Workman, Mark A. Horrell teacher-coaches. Visualized image illustrating the collective behavior of ...
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Penn Summer Science Academy 1997
In conjunction with the College of General Studies at PENN, the LRSM, under the direction of Prof. Charles Graham, MSE and Dr. Andrew McGhie, has developed a one-month-long intensive course in Materials Science for high school science students. ...
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