Brief Introduction to Pew Conservation Scholars Program

The Pew Scholars Program in Conservation and the Environment was created to support outstanding early-to mid-career scholar activities who are dedicated to the conservation of biological diversity and the sustainable use of our planet's natural resources. The three-year award of $150,000 to each recipient is intended to enable these Scholars to work on an important opportunity for conservation through a plan that combines problem-solving, research, education, and action in ways tailored to their opportunity and to their capabilities.

The Pew Scholars Program in Conservation and the Environment is part of an emerging network of committed individuals and organizations focused on understanding and acting to achieve changes to conserve biological diversity and attain sustainable use of the environment. The critical problems of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use will not be solved by any one discipline or institutional effort. Solutions will require a wide range of highly knowledgeable and skilled scholars who not only understand ecological systems and the adverse impacts that humans have imposed on them, but are also committed to taking action to bring about changes to ensure the long-term conservation of biodiversity.

Pew Conservation Scholars are a remarkable group of individuals who have the extraordinary ability to combine scholarship with conservation action. As a group and individually, they demonstrate a strong record in both research and problem-solving and apply their knowledge in very innovative and creative ways. These scholars are exemplary in their abilities to understand and promote environmental sustainability and the conservation of biological diversity.

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