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Subject: Re: How To Get A Patent???
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In article <462sh4$6c9$1@mhafm.production.compuserve.com>, tradertech@acm.org <100563.3022@CompuServe.COM> wrote: >I would like to apply for a patent -- myself, without >using an attorney (and therefore, not incurring any >legal fees). See "Can I apply for a patent myself?" at http://www.patents.com/patents.htm#patent-self. >What is the procedure for applying for a patent? I >assume there is a patent office somewhere that can >be contacted for forms, instructions, etc? See http://www.patents.com/cost.htm which includes the following topics: What does it cost to get a patent? What are the USPTO fees for patent matters? What does it cost to submit a provisional patent application? What does it cost to file a PCT patent application? How much does it cost to file patent applications in countries outside of the United States? What does it cost to get an opinion whether my invention is patentable? What are the tax consequences of spending money to get patents? Are my patent lawyer bills tax-deductible? Can I save money by drafting a patent application myself and then simply paying a patent attorney or agent to touch it up for filing? What does it cost to register a copyright? What are the U.S. Copyright Office fees? What does it cost to file a trademark registration application? What are the USPTO fees for trademark matters? What does Professor Thomas G. Field, Jr. of the Franklin Pierce Law Center say in his excellent brochure Seeking Cost-effective Patents? --- Carl Oppedahl, oppedahl@patents.com Oppedahl & Larson, patent law firm http://www.patents.com/ is a web server with frequently asked questions and answers on patent law and other intellectual property subjects