Black/African Related Resources (Art McGee's List)

Black/African Related Resources

This is a list of online information storage sites (FTP, Gopher, Telnet, WWW, BBS, Database, etc.) that contain a significant amount of information relating to or of concern to Black or African people, culture, and issues around the world, either in files or conferences. Also included (in other sections of the list) are resources relating to Ethnic/Intercultural Relations, International/Sustainable Development (includes Global Networking), and Social/Progressive Activism. Please let Art McGee know of any updates, additions, corrections or suggestions that you might have. This list is up to date as of JULY 29, 1994.


    Newly-added Resources

  1. National Civil Rights Museum
  2. Gondwana African Arts
  3. Ile Ife and the Arthur Hall Collection

    Black/African & Cultural Issues

  4. Adelphi (Richard L. Dennison)
  5. AERN (Michel Perdreau)
  6. Afro-Am History (Don Mabry)
  7. African Studies WWW (Ali B. Ali Dinar)
  8. Baobab (Bob Barad)
  9. Benson
  10. BRAS-* (Alexandre Zepka)
  11. Brasil Images (Walter Morales)
  12. Brasil Net Services
  13. Braudel Papers (Matthew Taylor)
  14. CAMNET (Louis Hell)
  15. Caribbean (Richard Dennison)
  16. Caribbean Archive (Michio Ogata)
  17. COMPUTEK (Mur Muchane)
  18. DreamCoat (Rolf HW Poser)
  19. Drum
  20. Ethiopian Archive (Tsehay Demeke)
  21. Hip-Hop/Rap
  22. IFUSP Brazil (Fabio Becherini)
  23. Jazz/Blues (Brian White)
  24. JAZZ Online (Joseph M. Vella)
  25. LACC
  26. MISAnet (Bruce Cohen)
  27. Martin Luther King, Jr. Bibliography
  28. MOLIS/FEDIX (Mike Vore)
  29. Ralph Bunche (Paul Reese)
  31. Reggae Archives (Mike Pawka)
  32. Rhodes University (F. Jacot Guillarmod)
  33. RINAF (Abraham Gebrehiwot)
  34. RNRT (Khaled Bouaziz)
  35. RSA Politics (Peter van Heusden)
  36. S.C. African (Scott Hazelhurst)
  37. S.C. Caribbean (Bob Frase)
  38. SANGONeT (Fatima Bhyat)
  39. Summit of the Americas
  40. TICSA
  41. Trinidad/Tobago (Mike Benedetti)
  42. TSS (Bilel Jamoussi)
  43. UGeorgia/PeachNet (James Pettus)
  44. UM-St.Louis (Black Studies)
  45. UT-LANIC (Ning Lin)
  46. UW-Madison African Studies (Wendy Higgans)
  47. VibeOnline! (Patrick Kane)
  48. WNUR-FM Jazz Info (Joe Germuska)

    None of the Above, but Related in Many Ways

  49. Anti-Xenophobia (Alexander Sigel)
  50. Biron
  51. Caltech MSA (Asim Mughal)
  52. Chicano/LatinoNet (Richard Chabran)
  53. CoombsQuest (T. Matthew Ciolek)
  54. DataLine
  55. Diversity (Mark Sandler)
  56. Diversity & Division (Madison C.)
  57. ED/OERI (Keith M. Stubbs)
  58. ERIC (Dave Lankes)
  59. ERIC_AE (Larry Rudner)
  60. Islam
  61. Islamic Info.
  62. Islamic Resources (Y. Abdullah)
  63. MAES (Keith A. Marrocco)
  64. Minority Enterprise Corporation of Pittsburgh
  65. NTIS/FedWorld (Bob Bunge)
  66. POS302-L (Tom Schiebel)
  67. SOSIG
  68. Southern Culture (Tracy May)
  69. U.S. Civil Rights (Brian Shelden)
  70. US DoJ

    International/Sustainable Development (& Global Networking)

  71. Alternex
  72. ANU Biodiversity (David Green)
  73. Bernan/UNIPUB (Jeff Steinman)
  74. BioDiversity (Jim Beach)
  75. CCN/SDIN (Miles R. Fidelman)
  76. CEDAR (Douglas Kahn)
  77. CGNET (Ken Novak)
  78. CIDA (Roy Pereira) [819-953-8207] Dialup
  79. CIED (Preston Hardison)
  80. CIESIN (Jeffrey Ogden)
  82. CNR (David D. Ward)
  83. ConverNet
  84. Cornell Biodiversity
  85. CREST (Christopher Gronbeck)
  86. CWRU Poverty (Julian Chow)
  87. Department of Commerce/NTDB
  88. E-News (Gilberto Jannuzzi)
  89. EagleInfo
  90. EcoGopher (Tom Rowe)
  91. Econ-WP (Bob Parks)
  92. Economic Bulletin Board
  93. ECOSERV (Quentin Hurt)
  94. EnviroLink (Josh Knauer)
  95. EPIX (Peter Anderson)
  96. FAO (Laurie Federgreen)
  97. ForInt-Law (Jie Su)
  98. FSU Population (Robert Holden)
  99. Global Recycling Net (Esko Kilpi)
  100. Gnet/VITA (Laurence Press)
  101. HungerWeb (Daniel Zalik)
  102. ICDL (Nazira Ismail)
  103. ICOMOS (Gordon Dewis)
  104. IDEA (Dan Cotton)
  105. IFIP (Howard L. Funk)
  106. IGC/APC (Geoff Sears)
  107. IISD (Langston James Goree)
  108. IMIA (Miriam Jaffe)
  109. INFORUM (Robert D. Hart)
  110. International Education-INTL (Brenda Robinson)
  111. IRP
  112. ISOC/IETF (John Stewart)
  113. ITU TIES (Lucio Goelzer)
  114. KIDLINK (Mark Hunnibell)
  115. LII (Thomas R. Bruce)
  116. NBER (Daniel Feenberg)
  117. NetEc/BibEc/WoPEc
  118. NRNRC
  119. Peace Corps (Michael J. Hauan)
  120. PENpages (Kirk Barbieri)
  121. PerManNet (Mark Prado)
  122. Population Research (David Barr)
  123. Population Studies (Timothy P. Cheney)
  124. PSC
  125. RAINet (Randy Bush)
  126. RHSETnet (Richard Robertson)
  127. RuralNet (Mike McCarthy)
  128. sunSITE (Larry London)
  129. TogetherNet (Paul Hansen)
  130. Travel Advisories (Craig Rice)
  131. Tropical Database (Sidnei de Sousa)
  132. UDLP (Joe Monahan)
  133. UM-St.Louis
  134. UN Volunteers (Jeremy Mortimer)
  135. UNCJIN (Adam Bouloukos)
  136. UNDP (Malcolm Chapman)
  137. UNEP/GRID
  138. UNICEF
  139. USAID (Jim Russo)
  140. USDA/ERS/NASS (Oya Y. Rieger)
  141. VITA (Gary Garriott)
  142. VOA/Worldnet (Chris Kern)
  143. Washington & Lee
  144. WHO (Shunichi Akazawa)
  145. World Bank (Larry W. Austin)

    Social/Progressive Activism

  146. ACCESS+
  147. ACLU (Lynn Decker)
  148. AI/Human Rights (Mike Blackstock)
  149. Alternex
  150. Anarchy (Jack Jansen)
  151. Charity/Community Service
  152. Chomsky Archive (Jimmer Endres)
  153. CICnet (Paul Holbrook)
  154. CommUnity
  155. CPSR (Al Whaley)
  156. Crypto (Fran Litterio)
  157. CSF (Don Roper)
  158. CYFER
  159. CypherPunks
  160. DSA: Race, Ethnicity, & Affirmative Action
  161. E-Text (Paul Southworth)
  162. EDIN/CoC (Nathan Newman)
  163. EF-Canada
  164. EF-Norway
  165. EFF (Christopher Davis)
  166. EFNH (L. Daniel York)
  167. English-Server (Geoff Sauer)
  168. FED (Paige Ryan)
  169. GreenGopher (Tom Rowe)
  170. Human Rights (Catherine Hampton)
  171. IGC/APC (Geoff Sears)
  172. Jim Warren GovAccess (C. Figallo)
  173. M.A.P. (Rich Winkel)
  174. Mother Jones (Joel Truher)
  175. NPO (Ellen Spertus)
  176. New York Transfer News (Kathy Kelly)
  177. PRC
  178. QRD (Ron Buckmire)
  179. TIC (John S. Quarterman)
  180. WELL (J. Matisse Enzer)
      The WELL is an experiment in building a magazine in cyberspace that stresses the idea of "access to tools and ideas."

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