Madhav Gadgil

Professor Chairman

CENTRE FOR ECOLOGICAL SCIENCES BIODIVERSITY UNIT Indian Institute of Science Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Bangalore 560012, India. Jakkur, Bangalore 560064, India. Phone: (91-80) 3340985 Phone: (91-80) 8462750-57 Fax : (91-80) 3341683 Fax : (91-80) 8462766 Email: Email:

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Invited Lectures Delivered

Plenary lecture, International Ethological Congress, Oxford 1981

Presidential address, Marathi Vidnyan Parishat, 1984

Rajendra Prasad Memorial Lecture, Indian Society of  Agricultural 
Statistics                                             1986

Aghankar   Memorial   Lecture,   Maharashtra,   Association   for 
Cultivation of Science, Pune                           1988

Foundation  Day  Lecture,  Society for  Promotion  of  Wastelands 
Development,, New Delhi                                1989 

Alumini Day lecture, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 1990

Vikram Sarabhai Lecture, ICSSR,                        1991

Deusker Memorial Lecture, Centre for Social Sciences   
Calcutta                                               1992

Plenary  Lecture, International Congress of Behavioural  Ecology, 
Princeton                                              1992

Suresh Chandra Memorial Lecture, Indian Institute of  Technology, 
Delhi                                                  1993

Congress  on  Traditional  Sciences  and  Technologies  of  India 
keynote  lecture entitled "Folk traditions in the  management  of 
biological resources", Institute of Technology, Bombay, 28 Nov -  
3 Dec 1993.

Dr.  P.C.  Mahalnobis  centenary lecture  entitled  "Peopling  of 
India", Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, 8th December 1993

Indian   History   Congress   lecture   entitled   "Peopling   of 
India",  54th Session thematic symposium "Man and Environment  in 
Indian History", December 1993.

Evening  Lecture entitled : Ecology for the People" at the Annual 
Meeting   of  All  India  Peoples'  Science  Movements   Network, 
Hyderabad, Feb. 23, 1994.

Sri   D.B.  Narasimha  Murthy  Rao  Endowment  Lecture   entitled 
"Conserving  Nature  as if People Matter",  Indian  Institute  of 
World Culture, Bangalore, June 4 1994.

Lecture entitled "Biodiversity : Chance or Necessity" for  Indian 
Academy of Sciences mid-year meeting, August 1, 1994 at Mysore.

Salim   Ali  Memorial  Lecture  entitled  "  Birds,   Bikes   and 
Aeroplanes"  at  Salim  Ali Centre for  Ornithology  and  Natural 
History, Coimbatore, November 12, 1994.

Persidential address, 65th Annual Session of The National Academy 
of  Sciences,  India,  entitled  "Conserving  wild  relatives  of 
cultivated plants", Tirupati, November 3-5, 1995

R.R.  Kale  Memorial Lecture entitled "Patenting  Life",  Gokhale 
Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune, November 25, 1995.

Golden   Jubilee   Lecture  Series   1945-1995,   Sri   Jagadguru 
Renukacharya   Education  Society,  entitled  "Patenting   Life", 
Bangalore,  December 9, 1995.

Dr. T.N. Ananthakrishnan Seventieth Birthday Felicitation Lecture 
entitled "Exploring the Diversity of Life", Madras, December  30, 

Address  at  a seminar on Conservaiton of  Indigenous  Breeds  of 
Livestock,  organized by Bangalore Society for the Prevention  of 
Cruelty to Animals and the Livestock Heritage Trust of India,  28 
June 1996

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