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Hawaii is the Endangered Species Capital of the World= =2E With 100s of plants and animals listed as Endangered or Threatened, t= here are more endangered species per square mile on these islands than an= y other place on the planet.

The Hawaii Biological Survey= compiles information on all of these species with the assistance of = various state, federal, and local agencies and works with these partners = to disseminate this information, including these web pages. Please feel f= ree to browse our pages, see images of these rare and fragile species, le= arn about their biologies, habits, and where they occur in the Islands.

Throughout our pages, the status of each species= can be recognized by the background color of the page:
orange for Endangered and Threatened species
green for Candidate and Proposed specie= s
black for Extinct species
<= font color=3D#aa00ff>lavender for Species of Concern.

How fast are species becoming extinct?= Check out a live= link to our "extinct-o-meter"!

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