EIS Project Environmental Data Sources around the World
  Many new sites have been added. The sites previously listed here were "tested and pruned" to remove dead, inactive and unreliable ones as of Oct. 6th 1996. The highest quality sites (in my opinion) are marked . They are rated on quantity and quality of information and its organization and accessibility, NOT only upon appearance.
Canadian Information Sources
Canadian List of WWW servers by Province, city and scope
Geomatics Canada
Geodetic Survey of Canada - EMR
National Atlas Information Service
National Atlas Home Page
Natural Resources - Canada - EMR
Government of Ontario Information (including Environmental Bill of Rights)
Internet GIS and Remote Sensing Compendium - Queen's Univ.
Atmospheric & Environment Service weather information
EMR (now NRCan) Library Access
Environmental Policy Database (IISD, Manitoba)
Agriculture Canada - CRLE University of Guelph
Forest Techmologies Program (Canada)
British Columbia Government GIS Page
CISTI - Data for Science and Technology
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Canadian Forest Service - NorthWest
Envioronment Canada - Atlantic Region
British Columbia Government - Land Use and Environment
Ministry of Forests - British Columbia
Model Forest Program (Canada)
National Pollutant Release Inventory - (Federal Government)
Listing of ALL Environment Canada Sites
Environment Canada - The Green Lane
Canadian Biodiversity Network - Federal Government
Information on Canadian Government Departments (Federal)
Atlas of Canadian Communities
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
Canadian Wildland Fire Information System
Geodetic Survey of Canada
Geological Survey of Canada
Canadian Geographical Names Data Base
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research
Statistics Canada
Ecological Highway - Information about general facts of the environment in Quebec.
L'EcoRoute de l'information - The french presentation of "Ecological Highway"
U.S. Information Sources

CIESIN Global Change Information Gateway
Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research: University of Iowa
Directory of Environmental Organizations
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
EPA Chemical Substance Factsheets

HazDat Data Bases Hazardous Substances, Toxicological Profiles, etc.
Lawrence Berkeley Labs.- Energy & Environment Division
National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)
NASA Earth Obs. Satellite Data at Goddard Space Flight Centre
U.S. Geological Survey
University of California, Davis, Information Center for the Environment (ICE)
University of Idaho Library - Electronic Green Journal
University of Illinois - 'The Daily Planet'
World Data Center (NOAA-NGDC)
CORE Software - ImageNet On-line Geospatial archive search
Center for Remote Sensing - U.C. Santa Barbara
Searchable Databases of the Smithsonian Museum
Distributed Ocean Data System (DODS)
NASA - Earth Data Handling System for EOS
Pointers to Environmental Resources from EINet
Pointers to Environmental Law from EINet
Pointers to Geography from EINet
Pointers to Geoscience Resources from EINet
Earth Resources Laboratoryat MIT
EcoNet- Introduction
EcoNet - Environmental Education Resources
EcoNet - Biodiversity Resources
Environmental New Network - Electronic Journal
Federal Geographic Data Committee
GCDIS - Global Change Data and Information System
Global Climate Change Perspectives System
US Government Information Locator Service - GILS
Envirolink Network - Envirogopher
U. Michigan Guide to Environmental Resources on the Internet
State of Texas - Information Resource Standards
Interagency Taxonomic Information System - Database
John Hopkins Univ. Bioinformatics Server
Mathematics and Biology Report- DoE
Long-Term Ecological Research
BLM - Metadata and WWW Mapping Home Page
Links to Multilateral Conventions and Treaties
NASA Home Page
National Biodiversity Information Center
National Center for Atmospheric Research
National Climatic Data Center
National Center for Geographic Information Analysis - UC Santa Barbara
NCGIA - SUNY - Buffalo
NCGIA - Univ. of Maine ??
NGDC- National Geophysical Data Center
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observation Lab.- Columbia Univ.
Bureau of Indian Affairs - Energy and Minerals Research
Environmental Law - Indiana
NOAA - Environmental Information Sources
NOAA Home Page
NOAA CDC - Climate Diagnostics Center - Colorado ??
NOAA - Data Set Catalogs
NODC - Oceanographic Data center
Dept. of the Interior - National Biological Sevice
NBS - Inventory & Monitoring ??
National Supercomputing Center for Energy & the Environment
Ocean Information Center - U of Delaware
Open GIS Interoperability Specification
Guide to Online Resources for Earth Sciences
Pacific Rim Index of Biodiversity Resources
Polar Satellite Images from RSMAS
Spatial Data Transfer Standard - SDTS ??
Summary Text of and Status of International Environmental Agreements
US National Wetlands Inventory ??
USDA US Dept. of Agriculture - Forestry Service
USGS Registry of Earth & Environmental Science ??
USGS Registry of Biological Science ??
U. Minnesota - Remote Sensing Laboratory
WaterWeb - Water Issues & Technologies
World Data Centers - Listings
Other Areas of the World Other servers around the world

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