CyBib Tags Explained

This file contains the tags used to code the text in CyBib v1.0. Two systems are explained: Refer/BibIX and Pro-Cite tab-delineated.

Refer/BibIX Tags

In this format each line or field is preceeded by a tag. These are read by reference database programs and allow the references to be imported automatically.

Reference Types are given after a %0 (%zero) tag as:

%0 Journal Article

%0 Book Section

%0 Book

Other reference types are possible but do not appear in this version of CyBib.

Tags with their Refer meanings.

These tags may have somewhat different meanings to different reference database programs. Therefore, monitor your importing.

Pro-Cite Format

Pro-Cite format is essentially a form of tab-delineated text. Each reference occurs as one long line with carriage returns separating references. Unfilled fields still require a tab. This format looks very messy as plain text, but is importable into some commercial applications.

The first field of each reference codes for the reference type. These codes appear in CyBib v1.0:

@B = Book

@C = Journal

Authors are separated by //

Keywords are listed at the end of each reference.

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