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VOLUME 10    NO.1.    1993

1.  Biotechnology - an overview

2.  Nucleic acid sequences and other naturally occurring products:
    are they patentable in Canada?

3.  Limited patent protection for proteins

4.  The fate of patenting hybridomas and monoclonal antibodies in Canada

5.  Patentability of living subject matter

6.  Dans L'ombre de la decision pioneer hi-bred

7.  Les specificites de l'invention dans le domaine

8.  Canadian disclosure requirements for biotechnology inventions

9.  Functional language and fingerprints

10. Disclosure of information in a computer-readable form
    for biotechnology inventions

11. Methods of use claims in biotechnology

12. Filing of biotechnology patent applications in uspto:
    considerations for Canadians

13. Effects of international trends and agreements on 
    biotechnology patenting

14. Pharmaceuticals, patents and bill C-91:
    the historical perspective

15. Price control of patented medicines in Canada

16. Patent infringement issues relating to biotechnology

17. The relevancy of ethical concerns in the patenting of
    life forms

18. The ethics of biotechnology- the argument in favour of patents

19. The relationship between plant breeders' rights and patents
    for biotechnological inventions

20. Plant breeders' rights act and the trade-marks act:
    lines of demarcation

21. Trade dress and the prescription pharmaceutical industry

22. Copyright protection for naturally occurring sequences

23. The metamorphosis of Canadian biotechnology regulatory law

24. Biotechnology licensing

25. Financing biotechnology companies

26. Regulation of the products of biotechnology under the 
    Canadian environmental protection act: any impetus for 

27. Canadian biotechnology patents- an industry perspective


VOLUME 11, NO. 1.    1994


1.  Message from the President

2.  The U.S. experience with quality control in trade-mark licensing

3.  The new civil code of Quebec and its effects on intellectual
    property law

4.  Suing landlords of vendors of counterfeit products -
    a new remedy to an old problem?

5.  Canadian patent law under GATT- What's coming next?

6.  Will electronic filing make life easy...er?

7.  Intellectual property due diligence in commercial transactions
8.  The new civil code of Quebec and intellectual property:
    preliminary reflexions and comments

9.  How to draft use claims in the pharmaceutical field or 
    overcoming a dichotomy of interpretation

10. Copyright in facts and information: feist publications is
    not, and should not be, the law in Canada

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