Contents Of The Book Entitled

Edited by
J.C. Frankland
N. Magan
G.M. Gadd

1.  Effects of climate change on fungal diseases of trees

2.  Effects of climate change on Fusarium foot rot of 
    winter wheat in the United Kingdom

3.  Effects of UV-B radiation (280-320 nm) on foliar
    saprotrophs and pathogens 

4.  Implications of global warming and rising sea-levels
    for macrofungi in UK dune systems

5.  Red data lists and decline in fruiting of macromycetes
    in relation to pollution and loss of habitat

6.  Effects of dry-deposited Sulphur dioxide and sulphite on
    saprophytic fungi and decomposition of tree leaf litter

7.  Effects of atmospheric pollutants on phyllosphere and
    endophytic fungi

8.  Influences of acid mist and ozone on the fluorescein 
    diacetate activity of leaf litter 

9.  Mycorrhizas and environmental stress

10. Mycorrhizas, succession, and the rehabilitation of 
    deforested lands in the humid tropics

11. Potential effects on the soil mycoflora of changes
    in the UK agricultural policy for upland grasslands

12. Uptake and immobilization of caesium in UK grasslands
    and forest soils by fungi, following the Chernobyl

13. Effects of pollutants on aquatic hyphomycetes colonizing
    leaf material in freshwaters 

14. Fungi and salt stress

15. Fungal sequestration, mobilization and transformation of
    metals and metalloids

16. Urban, industrial and agricultural effects on lichens
17. Fungal interactions with metals and radionuclides
    for environmental bioremediation

18. Impact of genetically-modified microorganisms on the
    terestrial microbiota including fungi

19. Has chaos theory a place in environmental mycology?

Index of generic and specific names

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