Contents Of The Book Entitled

Edited by
Brian Walker
Will Steffen

1.  GCTE science: objectives, structure and implementation

2.  Ecosystem physiology: overview and synthesis

3.  The response of complex multispecies systems to elevated 
    carbon dioxide 

4.  Elevated carbon dioxide and terrestrial vegetation: implications
    for and beyond the global carbon budget

5.  The role of vegetation in controlling carbon dioxide and water
    exchange between land surface and the atmosphere 

6.  Integrated models of ecosystem function: a grassland case study

7.  The importance of structure in understanding global change

8.  The application of patch models in global change research

9.  Climate change, disturbances and landscape dynamics

10. Linking the human dimension to landscape dynamics

11. Landscape diversity and vegetation response to long-term
    climate change i the eastern olympic peninsula, pacific
    northwest USA

12. The work of focus

13. Agriculture and global change: scaling direct carbon dioxide
    impacts and feedbacks through time

14. Predicting crop yields under global change

15. Global change impacts on managed forests

16. Linked pest-crop models under global change

17. Soil erosion under global change

18. Global change and ecological complexity

19. Self-organization in ecosystems: lumpy geometries, 
    periodicities and morphologies

20. Diversity of soil biota and ecosystem function

21. The functional role of species in terrestrial ecosystems

22. Carbon and nitrogen interactions in the terrestrial 
    biosphere: anthropogenic effects

23. Global dynamic vegetation modelling: coupling biogeochemistry
    and biogeography models

24. Global and regional land use responses to climate change

25. Incorporating land-use change in earth system models illustrated
    by IMAGE 2

26. Developing the potential for describing the terrestrial biosphere's
    response to a changing climate

27. Data requirements for global terrestrial ecosystem modelling

28. Satellite data for monitoring, understanding and modelling of 
    ecosystem functioning

29. Predicting a future terrestrial biosphere: challenge to GCTE science

----end of contents list----
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