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Edited by
David Ehrenfeld

1.  Biological consequences of of ecosystem fragmentation: a review

2.  Conservation of fragmented populations

3.  Extinction in subdivided habitats

4.  A comment on Quinn and Hastings: extinction in 
    subdivided habitats

5.  Extinction in subdivided habitats: reply to Gilpin

6.  Consequences and costs of conservation corridors

7.  Corridors in real landscapes: a reply to Simberloff and Cox

8.  Movement corridors: conservation bargains for poor investments?

9.  Desert-dwelling mountain sheep: conservation implications of a
    naturally fragmented distribution

10. Ecological principles for the design of wildlife corridors

11. The principle of nested subsets and its implications for 
    biological conservation

12. Nested subsets and the distribution of birds on isolated

13. The effect of edge on avian nest success: how strong is the

14. The effects of fencelines on the reproductive success of loggerhead

15. Forests too deer: edge effects in northern Wisconsin

16. Eastern hemlock regeneration and deer browsing in the northern
    great lakes region: a re-examination and model simulation

17. Avian survival rates and the extinction process on Barro
    Colorado Island, Panama

18. Forest fragmentation and bird extinction: San Antonio Eighty
    years later

19. Geographic range fragmentation and abundance in neotropical
    migratory birds

20. Area requirements for the conservation of rain forest Raptors
    and game birds in French Guiana

21. Spatial models and spotted owls: exploring some biological 
    issues behind recent events

22. Land forms and winter habitat refugia in the conservation of
    montane grasshoppers in southern Africa

23. Response of early successional vertebrates to historic changes
    in land use

24. Pollination in Dianthus deltoides (Caryophyllaceae): effects of
    habitat fragmentation on visitation and seed set

25. Forest fragmentation and alien plant invasion of central Indiana
    old-growth forests

26. Trends in landscape heterogeneity along the borders of great
    smoky mountains national park

27. An ecological evaluation of proposed new conservation areas in 
    Idaho: evaluating proposed Idaho National Parks

28. A comparison of direct and environmental domain approaches to 
    planning reservation of forest higher plant communities and
    species in Tasmania

29. Modeling effects of land management in the Brazilian Amazonian
    settlement of Rondania

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