Contents Of The Book Entitled

Edited by
Francesco di Castri
Talal Younes

1.  Biological foundations for sustainability and change 

2.  Molecular mechanisms promoting and limiting genetic variation

3.  Genome dynamics and the generation of biodiversity

4.  Genes, memes and artefacts

5.  New dimensions in the study of genetic diversity

6.  Deep-ocean biodiversity

7.  Biological diversity and genetic resources

8.  Ecological functions of biodiversity: the human dimension

9.  Microorganisms: the neglected rivets in ecosystem maintenance

10. Biodiversity of marine sediments

11. Linkages between ecological complexity and biodiversity 

12. Biotic interactions and the ecosystem function of biodiversity

13. Relations interactions and the ecosystem fluxes of water vapour
    and carbon dioxide

14. Inventorying and monitoring biodiversity

15. Monitoring and inventorying biodiversity: collections, data
    and training

16. Inventories: preparing biodiversity for non-damaging use

17. Inventorying and monitoring flora in Asia

18. Monitoring biodiversity at global scales

19. Some problems of inventorying and monitoring biodiversity
    in Russia

20. Inventory and monitoring for what and for whom?

21. Biodiversity conservation and protected areas in tropical

22. Conservation of coastal-marine biological diversity

23. Biological conservation in a high beta-diversity country

24. Conserving biodiversity: the key political, economic and
    social measures

25. Biodiversity conservation in the new south Africa

26. Biodiversity in the developing countries

27. Biodiversity and agriculture, grasslands and forests 

28. Managing biodiversity in Canada's public forests

29. Some Canadian approaches to partnership in agricultural

30. Three levels of conservation by local people

31. Some current issues in conserving the biodiversity of 
    agriculturally important species

32. Ecosystem management: an approach for conserving biodiversity

33. Biological diversity and agrarian systems

34. Biodiversity, science and development: Towards a new partnership
    in aquaculture and fisheries

35. Biodiversity and aquaculture

36. Conservation of biological diversity in hatchery enhancement

37. Banking fish genetic resources: the art of the possible

38. Introduction of fish species in freshwater: a major threat to
    aquatic biodiversity?

39. Biodiversity and fisheries and aquaculture development in Taiwan

40. Biodiversity and marine biotechnology: a new partnership of 
    academia, government and industry

41. Biotechnology and the use of plant genetic resources for 
    industrial purposes: benefits and constraints for
    developing countries

42. A partnership: biotechnology, bio-pharmaceuticals and biodiversity

43. In defence of biotechnology

44. Tropical biodiversity and the development of pharmaceutical

45. Biodiversity prospecting: opportunities and challenges for 
    African countries

46. Biodiversity in urban and peri-urban zones

47. The importance of urban environments in maintaining biodiversity

48. The role of biodiversity in urban areas and the role of cities
    in biodiversity conservation

49. Restoration of biodiversity in urban and peri-urban environments
    with native forests

50. Synurbization of animals as a factor increasing diversity of 
    urban fauna

51. Biodiversity management in peri-urban environments in Switzerland

52. General considerations on the biodiversity of urban and peri-urban

53. The urban dimension of diversity

54. Biodiversity in the twenty-first century

55. Biodiversity: cultural and ethical aspects

56. The value of biological diversity: socio-political perspectives

57. The ethical and non-economic rationale for the conservation
    of biodiversity

58. Environmental ethics and biodiversity

59. Ethics of biodiversity conservation

60. Reformation towards a nature-oriented culture 

61. Biodiversity and quality of life

----end of contents list----
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