Under the auspices of the Department of Agronomy of the UMSA and the Centro de Investigaciˇn para el Desarollo de la Ciencia y la Technología, a seminar took place in Bolivia from 22-23 October 1992 to discuss the documents and treaties that came out of the Earth Summit in Rio and to look at their implications for Bolivia. The Liga de Defensa del Medio Ambiente (LIDEMA), a Bolivian NGO which was set up in 1985, participated in this seminar.

In Bolivia, a radio station, "Radio Eco FM for Ecology and the Environment", has been providing educational programs on various development-related topics. Its three main areas of education include the political environment (ecology, environment, sustainable development and indigenous territories), health education (social awareness of malaria, AIDS, tuberculosis, cholera etc.) and activities to control and eradicate the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

Universidad Nur, Asociación Ecológica del Oriente, Wildlife Conservation International and Misión Británica en Agricultura Tropical sponsored a first round of conferences and debates on mankind and environment entitled "Encuentro con la Naturaleza" in Santa Cruz from 11 February to 22 April 1993.