"Development and Environment of the Moscow City Megalopolis" was the title of a conference held on 21-23 June 1993 by the Center "Eco Accord", the Russian Ministry of Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources and the Development and Environment Foundation. The conference was dedicated to the elaboration of an urban sustainable development concept and implementation of the Earth Summit decisions on the local level. It covered urban development policy, military conversion issues, environmental monitoring process and economic and institutional reforms.

A conference on the Ecological Safety of Regions in the Conditions of Market Economy was held in September 1993, in Moscow. The event was organized by the Russian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.

The first formal meeting of the "London Initiative" on the Russian Environment was held in October 1993, and will hopefully lead to a summit in 1994 to focus international attention on Russia's environmental problems. Created with the support of the Russian Government and a wide range of key bodies and individuals in the United Kingdom and other Western countries, the London Initiative aims to develop awareness of the range of environmental problems bequeathed to Russia by the Soviet Union, and of the likely ecological and human consequences if action is not taken. On 9-13 June 1994 a conference of Russian and European NGOs took place in Suzdal, Russia, To discuss current and future possibilities for networking and cooperation. Among the topics discussed were environment and health, independent ecological monitoring, protection of wildlife and biodiversity,preservation of natural heritage,and environmental education and awareness programs

The Socio-Ecological Union, in Moscow and the Earth Island Institute are sponsoring a research program on the effects of hydroelectric power and intensive agriculture on Siberian ecosystems. The Russian Ecological Research Program offers students an opportunity to study the effects of economic development on fragile ecosystems in three regions of Russia which, despite their remote character, are threatened by further development in the transition to a Western-style economy.