The Philippine Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD), which was created three months after the Earth Summit, held its inaugural meeting at in October 1992. The PCSD resulted from three initiatives: two from within government and one from the NGO/Peoples Organization sector (the Philippine delegation to the '92 Global Forum). The Council's main function is to monitor the government's compliance with the commitments made at UNCED. It was the first to be established in connection with the setting up of the CSD. Among its unique features are: NGO and people's organizations representatives have been involved in the formation of the Council and are recognized by the government as "civil society counterparts"; members are required to be "committed environmentalists", and although NGO representatives are outnumbered, a system of decision-making that approximates consensus seeking has been designed.

As a response to the Earth Summit, and to celebrate the UN International Year of the World's Indigenous People, the Philippines Senate, with other government departments, held an international conference from 11 to 19 April 1993. The Global Earthsaving Summit (Global YES) will focus on "Indigenous Peoples and Youth Partnership for Sustainable Development." It was geared to promoting sustainable development that secures a clean, healthy and peaceful environment for future generations.