Asia and the Pacific

The South and Southeast Asia Network for Environmental Education (SASANEE) is a network of agencies and individuals involved in or interested in networking, initiating or supporting environmental education programs in the South and Southeast Asia region. The network emerged out of recognition of the fact that the countries of South and Southeast Asia have developmental, environmental and educational concerns that transcend national boundaries. The SASANEE newsletter, first published at the end of 1993, reports on environmental education events, news, views, and resources in the region.

Environment and Development: An Asian/Pacific response to UNCED was held in Townsville, Australia from 30 April to 4 May 1993. Parliamentarians, academics, NGO representatives, and local government officials from throughout the Asia and the Pacific met to discuss the regional implication of the UNCED, to arrest the environmental decline of the region and implement ecologically sustainable development. Implementation of Agenda 21 and the Conventions, indigenous cultures and their traditional ecological knowledge and management, and population planning were among the topics discussed.

Japan sponsored the Eco-Asia Conference in Tokyo in July 1993 as a second ministerial-level meeting on environment. Discussion there were based on UNCED and the CSD. The Republic of Korea had already initiated the Northeast Asia Conference to enhance regional cooperation on environmental issues.

The "Green Focus" World Environment Day Fair '93 was a multi-purpose program designed to focus on Agenda 21 and strategies needed for environmentally sustainable development. The program concluded on 5 June 1993 (World Environment Day). A special mobile secretariat was sponsored by the South East Asia Centre for Environment and Development (SEACED) to organize and conduct the program in villages and towns. SEACED expected the direct and indirect involvement of more than three million people. In 1994 SEACED used the World Environment Day to spread awareness and action on the environment and on sustainable development issues.