The African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) has been restructured to play a leading role in implementing the technology-related recommendations of UNCED. Four program areas were formulated: technology and environment; biotechnology and biodiversity; sustainable land use, and information systems. To start the urgent capacity-building effort in policy analysis, especially in issues of technology and sustainable development, they started with one-year fellowships to young researchers in policy research at ACTS.

The Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) has indicated its intention to establish a network of 20 international centers for science, technology and environment for selected countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. These would be centers of excellence providing among other activities a large training program aimed at raising the number of scientists in developing countries. This initiative would support bridging the economic gap between developed and developing countries, and play a role in the preservation of the environment.

The International Environmental Technology Centre has been inaugurated in Osaka, Japan. The Centre will provide information, training and consulting services on technologies used in environmental protection and enhancement of urban areas and freshwater lakes for the benefit of developing countries.

The International Conference on Ecotechnology for Sustainable Development was held in 1994. It focussed on the use of ecologically and environmentally sound technologies and practices to sustain the long-term development of agriculture, forestry and health in different ecosystems and communities. A conference was held in Beijing, China in October of 1994, focussing on environmental and agro-industrial biotechnology. Regional workshops and local seminars were held on biotechnology, indigenous technologies, and improving imported technologies to suit local conditions. A computer conference was used to link all activities by making all presented papers available via E- mail for discussions.

The NGO Committee on Industry, Technology, and the Economy organized a global NGO forum on Technology and Industrialization in Developing Countries in Accra, Ghana from 30 May to 3 June 1994. The forum focussed on the contribution of technologies to the industrialization of developing countries and the strengthening of regional and global integration.