The Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea (ACOPS) held a meeting on Implementation of the Marine Chapter of Agenda 21 of UNCED by Local Authorities in Lisbon, Portugal on 3 to 5 May 1993.

Pacem in Maribus XXI, An International Conference on Ocean Governance: A Model for Regional Seas in the Twenty-First Century was conducted by the International Ocean Institute on 6-9 September 1993 in Takaoka, Japan. The purpose of the conference was to examine the evolution of the regional seas concept from its inception at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in 1972 through UNCED, and the institutional implications of moving from a sectoral approach focused on the protection of the environment to an inter-sectoral approach focusing on comprehensive security and sustainable development.

Ocean Aid is a multi-national public awareness and educational campaign guided by and to benefit a group of leading environmental organizations. The Ocean Aid Alliance comes together from the perspectives of advocacy, research and education, and touches the public at events hosted on international stages by musical artists, with presentations, multimedia displays, publications, and video segments. The alliance is made up of twenty organizations representing environmental advocacy, education, research, and communication. Based upon models of cooperative cross-promotion between NGOs, government organizations, and the entertainment and media industries, the Ocean Aid events trigger T.V. programs, radio, and print media, to globally promote awareness and value change. The Ocean Aid World Tour will take place in 1995, and will cover 26 countries in 20 different languages.