Physicians for Social Responsibility and UNEP sponsored a formal presentation of the report Critical Condition: Human Health and the Environment on September 30, 1993 at the United Nations in New York. The report warns that current levels of global environmental change threaten human health. Prepared in response to the Earth Summit, it is the first comprehensive assessment of the medical consequences of environmental degradation. Topics covered include the health consequences of: climate change; population growth; loss of biodiversity; air and water pollution; food contamination; nuclear weapons and nuclear power production and use; and the environmental damage of war.

The global implications of estrogens in the environment, the environmental link to breast and reproductive cancers, chemical sensitivity, risk assessments and "bad science," population growth, and toxic exposure in minority communities are among the many controversial topics that were addressed at Physicians for Social Responsibility's Atlanta Conference on Human Health and the Environment, held in Atlanta, Georgia from 25 to 26 June 1994. It featured international and nationally renowned speakers who presented the most current scientific information on the health effects of environmental degradation and pollution.