The Caribbean Youth Environmental Network held a Conference on Environment and Development in Jamaica in August 1992, a follow-up of UNCED and Youth '92.

In September 1992 the Students Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC-A SEED USA) sponsored a meeting in Michigan to coincide with a major conference held by U.S. Citizens Network for UNCED. Items discussed included youth participation in UNCED, initiatives proposed since Rio and how to coordinate the youth activities at the international level.

In November 1992 a group of Latin American youth held a meeting called "Encuentro Latinoamericano Jóvenes para el Medio Ambiente" in Bogotá, Colombia, a follow-up activity of UNCED and Youth '92.

In January 1993 a workshop on training and strategy was held in Penang, Malaysia, organized by A SEED (Action for Solidarity, Equity, Environment and Development) International and Third World Network.

A seminar entitled "Life After UNCED: Re-orienting the International Youth Movements" was organized by European youth networks and held at the European Youth Centre, in Strasbourg, France in April 1993.

The United Nations Charter Review Youth Conference Simulation was held in New York, in September 1993. It was sponsored by the United Nations Charter Review Youth Network, World Federalist Movement, Columbia Model UN and Global Education Associates.

The United Nations of Youth and the Independent Peace Service from Russia organized a international conference of young peace- builders from axes of conflict, on the role of youth in non-violent conflict resolution and reconciliation, held in the Peace Palace of the Hague, Netherlands, in August 1993.

Youth for Development and Cooperation (YDC) organized the Third World First International Seminar "The World in a Shopping Bag", from January 14 to 19 in London. YDC is also preparing for a conference on the Bretton Woods Institutions on their 50th anniversary sometime in September 1994, in Madrid, Spain.

Youth for Population and Communication, a youth organization from Ghana, organized the Youth '94 Conference in Ghana in April. It was a youth preparatory conference for the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and gathered young people from different African countries and other regions of the world.

The Caribbean Youth Environmental Network organized the Youth '94 Ecofest, a parallel youth event to the United Nations Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Islands Developing States, held in Barbados in April.

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) in cooperation with youth organizations from different regions and the Youth Program of the Earth Council developed the Youth and Students Sourcebook on Sustainable Development. It will be translated into Spanish and eventually into French and Japanese.

AIESEC International produced the book "Corporate Responsibility and Entrepreneurship: A Youth Insight", that reflects the conclusions of AIESEC International Global Theme Conference 92, and deals with issues such as: corporations and the environment, social dimension and market culture, responsibility towards human resources, ethics and corporative communications.

The A SEED IMPs (Inform me about that Multinational Please!) Campaign, is an information exchange project about TNCs and their activities (especially in Eastern Europe). The campaign started with the distribution of a questionnaire that inquired about the needs and interests of people in Eastern Europe. There will be a IMP seminar for the end of 1994, to deal with issues such as: foreign investment, economies in transition, information exchange, training on information and media campaigns.

The A SEED and Third World First IMF/World Bank Campaign includes activities such as: the development of information kits, Enough is Enough! (A SEED Action Guide), a July 1994 Call to Action (worldwide NGO coordination of street demonstrations, letter- writing campaign conferences, media work, etc.).