Over half of the world's population will live in towns and cities by the turn of the century. These cities will be mega agglomerations marked by overcrowding and consequently high levels of air slums Over the past decade Bangalore has emerged as the fifth largest metropolis in India, with a 600% growth in polution during the past 4 decades. Social, economic and environmental problems have spiraled as transport, water supply, communications, energy production, and health and sanitation have dismally failed to keep pace with rapid urban expansion. Bangalore is currently experiencing serious environmental problems such as air and water pollution, solid waste and excessive noise levels. Further, the high rate of prolifaration of vehicles particularly 2 & 3 wheelers with 2 stroke engines, is leading to deterioration in the quality of air we breath. Every year we see many lakes in and around the city drying up. The open lung spaces of the city, are being used for the construction of apartments and commercial establishments. The Karnataka Environment Research Foundation (KERF), a non-profit and non - government organisation, was founded to raise public awareness conserning the seriousness of the environmental problems in Karnataka. The founder of KERF, Dr.C.Rajasekara Murthy, is a Canadian Environmental Scientist of International repute, and a native of Bangalore. He took special interest and initiative in establishing KERF with the help of commited group of engineers and scientists from Karnataka.The Oblectives and activities of the Foundation have been focused towards developing scientific, technological and practical solutions to environmental problems, and also towards developing a long term plan of action in collaboration with the Government of Karnataka and its agencies responsible for environmental protection.