Session 8:  

Protection of Wetlands with Special Reference to Bhoj Wetland ProjectShukla S.S. and Misra S.M.
Bhoj Wetland Project, EPCO, Gurunanak Bhawan, 
Z-9, Zone-I, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal. India


Madhya Pradesh being situated in the heart of the country is rich in various water resources as six major riverine systems existing in the state namely the Narmada, Thapti. Ganga, Mahanadi, Godavari and Mahi.  Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and falls in the Ganga Basin as Betwa is the nearest tributary of the Ganga riverine system.  Even after having six major river basins, most part of the state is under severe water shortage and facing drought condition also.  The water conservation and management is thus the prime need where all surface water resources such as rivers, lakes, wetlands, reservoirs, tanks, ponds even seasonal pools need to be protected and managed for sufficient availability of water to meet out the demand of potable, irrigation, industrial and recreational uses.  After fresh air for breathing, water is the next most essential component for life process and existence of life forms. In the present paper, the problems and the conservation plan for Bhoj wetland is presented.