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Session6: Groundwater and Hydrogeology

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Chairman: Dr. Ranganna G.

Rapporteur: Saira K. Varghese

MPN & Coil in groundwater Samples of Mysore City

Meenakumari H.R. and Hosmani S.P.


Bacterial pollution of groundwater has become a major problem in India. It is mainly due to lack of safe drinking water and proper sanitation and indiscriminate sinking of tube wells, which has resulted in causing various water borne diseases. The present study was aimed with the main objective of assessing the MPN/100 ml and E.coli level of groundwater (openwells, borewells) in various parts of Mysore city. The work represents results of E.coli test of 100 selected water samples, during the summer seasons (2002). The values of MPN/100ml are found to vary from 3 to 2400 /100ml. The high values of MPN are observed in north (Mandimohalla, N.R. Mohalla, Metagalli) and east (Vidyaranyapuram, Laxmipuram) part of city. The unplanned release of large amount of sewage water into the subsurface is responsible for bacteriological pollution of groundwater in the area.

Address: DOS in Botany
DOS in Environmental Science
University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore 570 006