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Session 4Limnology of Lakes, Reservoirs and Wetlands

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Chairman: Dr. Chakrapani B. K.

Rapporteur: Sudira H. S

Limnology of the Inflow Water of the Bommanahalli 

Reservoir (N.K.), Krishnamurthy S.R.


The river Kali is one of the important sources of inflow water for the Bommanahalli reservoir. The river water quality has been evaluated on the basis of physical, chemical and biological factors. The physiological factors are used as a tool in the evaluation of pollution load. The river water is polluted due to inflow of domestic wastes and effluents of Ferro- Alloy Ltd., the plastic factory, the plywood manufacturing company and the west coast paper mills. The west coast paper mills play an important role in the alteration of physical, chemical and physiological factors. The impact of pollution has been explained on the basis of the variation in the ionic composition of river water and benthic algae.

Address: Department of Botany and Microbiology
Yuvaraja College
Mysore, Karnataka, India.