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Session 4Limnology of Lakes, Reservoirs and Wetlands

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Chairman: Dr. Chakrapani B. K.

Rapporteur: Sudira H. S

Water Quality in Lotic Environments of Coastal Region

Suresh S., Ramachandra T. V., Raushan Kumar


Lotic water systems are fragile mobile systems entirely related to the geological as well as socio-economic, cultural and political factors of a particular region. The factors influencing lotic environments are soil characteristics, terrain of the region, landuse pattern, altitude etc. Any changes in these geological and other influencing factors can impair the natural water quality bringing changes in the physico-chemical characteristics that inturn effect the biological characteristics of lotic aquatic systems and water use for various applications. Also, non point source pollution due to agricultural and horticultural effect could have rerun impact on fragile ecosystem. In order to quantify the extent of contamination from nonpoint sources a study is being undertaken in selected streams [Locations Panaji Kamapadi, Panaji Kondalkan, Kovvur Erakadapu, Belthangeri, Dhangundi, Bizale/Kochitota, Hallanthadka, Mallar, Pattanlattlu, Naduhalla, Bramasthana, Hemagunji, Kanyal, Lingamudre, Machiti, Kadanthalaje, Kadari] and being monitored for two seasons [during monsoon and post monsoon]. Results reveal pollutants from NPS through indiscriminate use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides have contributed significantly in polluting the streams in Udupi and Mangalore districts, Karnataka state.

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