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Session 4Limnology of Lakes, Reservoirs and Wetlands

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Chairman: Dr. Chakrapani B. K.

Rapporteur: Sudira H. S

Assessment of Water Quality and Pollution in Lentic Environment
by using Langlierís Index (Calcium Carbonate Saturation Index)

Mahadev J. and Hosmani S.P.


The Langlierís index, which is an indication of the corrosive tendency of water has not been studied during the recent years. The present study was conducted on the water quality of Dalvoi lake and Karanji lake of Mysore during 1999 Ė 2001. The Langlierís index can be used as a measure of pollution to determine the scale forming or corrosive tendency of water. Physico-chemical parameters, Langlierís index and planktonic forms have been employed for the assessment of water quality. The nature of pollution in Dalvoi lake is mainly due to city sewage entering into it regularly. It shows the tendency of water to form light scale deposition and is dominated by mixed blooms of blue-green algae; desmids are completely absent and the water body has become eutrophic. Karanji lake supports certain species of diatoms, coupled with paucity of desmids. It is not much contaminated as most factors are within tolerance limits. The tendency of this water has neither scale forming nor corrosive tendency. Assessing these factors is useful in corrosion control programme and in preventing calcium carbonate scaling in piping and equipment such as in industrial heat exchanger or domestic water heaters.

Address: DOS in Botany DOS in Environmental Science
University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore 570 006. 
Karnataka. India.