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Session 4Limnology of Lakes, Reservoirs and Wetlands

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Chairman: Dr. Chakrapani B. K.

Rapporteur: Sudira H. S

A Review of the Pollution Problems in the Wetlands of Kerala and its Management Strategies

Rajinikanth, R Sudhakar, G and Deepa Elizabeth Rajan


Wetlands systems of Kerala, elsewhere in India are currently subjected to acute pressure of rapid developmental activities and indiscriminate utilization of land and water. As a result, the system is being destroyed, especially in the tropics at an alarming rate of one percent per year (Gopal et al., 1993) A study was undertaken in two wetlands of Kerala namely Kumarakom and Budhathan Kattu to assess the quality order of water and to suggest appropriate mitigation measures based on the degree of pollution. These wetlands serve as a suitable breeding and roosting place for wetland birds and diverse microorganisms (Jayson, E.A, 2002). Due to urbanization and other developmental activities in and around these wetlands, there have been changes in water quality, aquatic flora and fauna, which are reflected in the changes of all biotic components of the environment, including human beings. To elucidate the changes taking place in these two wetlands, water quality monitoring and to assess the dependency on these wetlands, a socio-economic survey is being conducted (September 2002 - till date). The present paper discusses the current status of these wetlands, along with suitable mitigation measures that has to be adopted for enduring sustenance of these ecosystems.

Address: Center for Water and Environmental Studies,
Department of Civil Engineering,
Kumaraguru College of Technology,
Coimbatore 641 006, Tamil Nadu, India