Evaluation of Metal Concentration in Nearby Water Resources of Quarry Industries Situated at Reddy, Sindhudurg (Maharashtra)Lokhande R.S. and Bhave R.P.
Department of Chemistry,
University of Mumbai, Vidyanagari,
Santacruz (E), Mumbai 400 098. Maharashtra, India
Phone: (022) 837 6984

The quarrying and mining process of metalloferrous mines in Sindhudurg district plays an important role in the socio-economic status of the population of the district. The mining or quarrying means there will be an unavoidable impact on the environmental status of the district. Lot of deforestation is being done for this is one of the prime but ignored industries. The whole process generates a lot of dust. This dust generated from these quarries settles on nearby water resources. This dust contains many heavy metals. These water resources play a vital role in the day to day life the rural population, which is staying nearby. Therefore these water resources are being monitored for their physico-chemical parameters. The results reveal that the metal concentration in the well water in these areas is within the limits prescribed by APHA but is very high in the water bodies that are created by the quarries (i.e. artificial water bodies) and the river nearby. Hence proper control measures are to be taken for controlling dust concentration.