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Session 4Limnology of Lakes, Reservoirs and Wetlands

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Chairman: Dr. Chakrapani B. K.

Rapporteur: Sudira H. S

On the Sewage Induced Salinity of Freshwater Ponds

Somashekhar R. Desai


Salinity of three fresh water ponds was studied on monthly basis for one year. Major cations like Ca, Mg, Na and K; and major anions like Chloride, HCO3 and SO4  were analysed. Of the three ponds Kalghtagi pond, which was subjected to the sewage contamination, showed significant  higher values of salinity along with higher values of all the salinity causing ions except SO4. On the other hand, in Tamboor and Madakihonnalli ponds, which were free from sewage,  lower values of these ions clearly indicated the influence of sewage on the salinity maxima of Kalghatgi pond.    

Address: National Institute of Oceanography,
Dona Paula, Goa, India