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Chairman: Dr. Krishna M.B.

Rapporteur: Ajay Narendra

Aquatic Flora as Indicators of Natural Resources Management:
Studies on Pond Ecosystems in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka

Keshava H. Korse


Surface fresh water bodies like ponds show a definite pattern in distribution of plant species. The kind and density of this floristic composition is mainly attributed to two factors. First, the inflow of organic and inorganic residues from the catchment watershed area. Second, the direct and indirect biotic interactions with the pond ecosystem including human component. Thus, the presence of specific flora could be well linked to its overall management practices since both the above mentioned factors are largely influenced by human activities. This paper deals with the studies on identifying such habitat specific plant indicators for management pattern, mainly submerged and floating plants.

It comprises the result of ongoing studies on selected ponds from June 1999 in  upland region of U.K. district of Karnataka. The methodology and results are discussed here keeping the objective of developing locality specific plant indicators for the effective management of catchment area in general, that pond n particular. This study intends to generate such simple but specific indicators which would become handy in effective management of ponds by community participation.

Address: Department of Pharmacognosy (Medicinal Botany), 
S. D. M. College, Ujire, D. K. District,
Karnataka, India E-mail: