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Chairman: Dr. Krishna M.B.

Rapporteur: Ajay Narendra

Interrelationships between Physico-chemical Parameters and Phytoplankton in a Polluted Lake (Sulae Lake)

Nagarathna and Hosmani S.P.


The present investigation was carried out to determine the relationships between 28 physico-chemical parameters and phytoplankton population in Sulae lake (Maddur taluk, Mandya district) for a period of two years. All the data were subjected to Pearsonís Correlation matrix and later clusters were obtained to find out the specific factor responsible for the growth of phytoplankton. Cyanophyceae were dominant throughout the study period. The correlation matrix and cluster analysis indicated that free carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen and water temperature are grouped as having the highest affinity; dissolved oxygen is closely related to air temperature; while water temperature and pH form the farthest affinity and are not responsible for he abundance of phytoplankton. The cluster analysis serves as an important means in determining the pollution level in the lake.

DOS in Botany DOS in Environmental Science
University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore 570 006