Seasonal Variations in Plankton Population of Kuttanad EcosystemReghunath K. and Thomas Zachariah
Department of Zoology, S.D. College, Allappuzha, Kerala, India
Ph: 0477-253932

Kuttanad ecosystem is confined to the low-lying area near the coast of Kerala in Southwest India. Vembanad lake of Kuttanad ecosystem, one of the most unique region in the coastal zone of Kerala is a nursery for a large number of biota. In the present study, an attempt was made to evaluate the seasonal variation in the plankton population of the Vembanad lake and to assess the abundance of such populations during a period of one year. Both phyto and zooplankton populations collected from six different stations of Kuttanad ecosystem were analysed. The results showed that the dominance of total phytoplankton accompanied one higher peak during pre-monsoon and a peak of diminutive magnitude during monsoon and post monsoon. Analysis of zooplankton population showed a bimodal pattern of distribution with one peak during pre-monsoon and the other during post-monsoon. The variations of the zooplankton communities with time and space achieved the knowledge on the secondary production of Kuttanad ecosystem and its rich biodiversity.