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Chairman: Dr. Krishna M.B.

Rapporteur: Ajay Narendra

Fish Diversity and Yield in Linganamakki Reservoir, Sharavathi River

Sreekantha and Ramachandra T.V.


The reservoir was constructed across the river Sharavathi in 1964 for the purpose of power generation. The water-spread area of about 326.34 sq. Km has provided sufficient fishing ground for more than 200 permanently residing fishermen over 30 years. Record of over 43 species from the reservoir further strengthens the biodiversity value of the reservoir. The annual fish yield of the reservoir being about 200  tonnes draws an income of about 43,84,990 rupees to the fishermen and an individual annual earning is about  Rs. 22,042/-. This seems to be quite insufficient for their livelihood. Seeding pattern of exotic fishes during the last two decades reveal improper seeding and unscientific management practices. In this connection the present study tries to identify the loopholes in reservoir fisheries and brings out the proper management strategies.

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