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Chairman: Dr. Krishna M.B.

Rapporteur: Ajay Narendra

Algal Diversity in Three Freshwater Pond  
Ecosystem at Thiruvannamalai, TamilNadu, India

Ramakrishnan, N., Hariprasath and Sampathkumar S.


Algal diversity is the key parameter to determine the productivity nature of the pond.  The limnological survey and the algal diversities in the three Freshwater pond Ecosystem in Thiruvannamalai Town, Thiruvannamalai. Tamilnadu has undertaken during April 2000 to March2001.  Phytoplankton standing  crop formed two peaks in a year during June and December Lowest values were recorded during rainy months due to rain water entry and unfavourable environmental conditions prevailed in the period.  The division Cyanophyta registered maximum percent of species (43.90) and other division followed by Chlorophyta (29.26), Bacillariophyta (19.51) and Euglenophyta (7.31).  Phytoplankton diversity variation was regulated various physico-chemical parameters and showed positive as well as negative correlations with themselves and the phytoplankton diversity.  Among the environmental factors influencing the variation and abundance of phytoplankton, water temperature plays a significant role in affecting the growth of an organism.  By multiple correlation and regression analysis, it was found that 97.8% of the variations in phytoplankton density was influenced by physico-chemical factors.

Address: Government Arts College,
Thiruvannamalai - 606 603, Tamil Nadu, India