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Chairman: Girija Jayaraman Rapporteur: Ahalya

Lakes, Open Spaces and Built Form Studies Bangalore Metropolitan Area

Rajan Sridhar, Rama P.S., Mamatha P. Raj Address

The paper attempts to investigate lakes and tanks, in the Bangalore Metropolitan Area, as they are an important component of a much neglected urban land use- "Open Spaces". Extensive studies have been made on aquatic eco-systems, their conservation, restoration and management. A study has been made on the relationship of lakes to urban open spaces and built form. Lake surroundings have been studied and analysed for compatibility of land uses. Planning regulations have been examined along with financial feasibility.

The methodology consists of literature review to understand terms and definitions, concepts and other phenomena related to water bodies and aquatic systems in urban areas. The following prominent lakes were identified for study: Bellandur Lake, Varthur Lake, Agara Kere, Ulsoor Lake, Lalbagh Lake, Yediyur Lake, Kempambudhi Lake, Sankey Tank, Mattikere and Hebbal Lake.

Parameters for assessing their usefulness were identified. Based on these parameters a visual survey of the identified lakes was undertaken with reference to maps available. Inferences and remedial measures were made based on the analysis of the above study, which suggest lakes as an essential part of the Urban Eco-system and that their conservation, restoration and management, ensures a healthy urban fabric.

Address: Pushpa D., Vaseem A.S. and Chandrashekar M.N.
Department of Architecture,
BMS College of Engineering
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