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Session18: School Students


Chairman: Dr. jack Vallentyne & Dr. T. V. RamaChandra 

T (h) anks, for Water?

Sidram V Dhande


  “There is no greater object of wonder, no greater thing of beauty than the dynamic order and the organised complexity of life”. This was the famous saying of Ariel G Loewi and Philip. And another great scientist, Haldane says that “…The line between living and non-living is somewhere between a cell and an atom…..” and that thing is obviously water. If we carefully look over these sayings, we can easily make out that, water is the origin of life. This matrix of life is present in the storehouse earth in the form of lakes, ponds, rivers seas and oceans. And for his convenience man has built many artificial ponds, dams, reservoirs and tanks.


We have all seen many lakes, rivers, tanks etc., but do they all ensure pure and good quality water? No. One such tank called, Jagat tank is in Gulbarga city. Located in the heart of the city, it is the refuge for the disposed sewage. Jagat tank is also getting polluted due to the washing of cattle with the tank water. Pollutants like detergents are added to the tank due to the washing of clothes on its banks. Some citizens of Gulbarga have exploited this tank to a very great extent. For example if fishing is going on one side of its bank, at the same time the toxic hostile wastes are dumped into it on its either side. And the menace plastic is no less. As a result this tank has not only become useless but has lost its scenic beauty. Usually these tanks are built to maintain a good environment and for recreation purpose. But, due to the damage caused to it, in the form of pollution, Jagat tank has become a breeding ground for pathogens.


If this pollution goes on for some more days than, this boon will not only become a bane but will also disturb the delicate balance of the environment. So, today the immediate and urgent need is to create awareness among the people about the grievous consequences of pollution of the tanks, passing laws for the prevention of pollution of tank and their strict implementation. Taking strict actions against lawbreakers. Thus, we can save the matrix of our life.

Address: X Std, S.B. Residential Pre University College,

Gulbarga – 585103, Karnataka, India