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Session18: School Students


Chairman: Dr. jack Vallentyne & Dr. T. V. RamaChandra 

Humans and the Environment

Priyanka H.N. 


The importance of wetlands and their relevance has been lost on the urban population, in recent years, where it has been grossly mismanaged and reduced to bodies that receive industrial waste and domestic sewage. Such a wetland is nestled in the heart of Mysore bestowed with magnificent scenic beauty, a rare ecological jewel box of biodiversity called the Kukrehalli lake which has drawn the attention of limnologists and ecologists for a few years now, who have initiated a battle to save the lake. The lake as a resource-base has provided sustenance to people, but now is in the verge of snapping, while the resource base supported by it is increasingly coming under strain due to pollution, which has lead to a series of disasters leading to the death of the fragile ecosystem.

I have in this paper considered rehabilitating the lakes degradation while analysing the issues.

 The framework includes three themes:

Theme 1: Lake development implications, magnitude of present issues, the sustainability challenge.

Theme 2: Action plan: to restore and conserve eco-friendly policies with institutional responsibilities

Theme 3: The eco-tourism benefits, maintenance, compilation of information.

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