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 Chairman: Prof. D. P. Giridhar & Dr. T. V. Ramachandra

Appropriate Technology in Watershed Management

Sathyamoorthy G.L


Though in our country there are lots of technological developments in the fields like science, engineering, agriculture, etc, exists, at present the phrase “Appropriate Technology” is widely coined throughout the Universe, for the reason that the effective usage of technology. On surface level if we consider the meaning of the Appropriate Technology literally it may mean the effective use of the available resources according to the factors like, climate, topographical aspects of a particular region. But for the application of the same in any fields, it needs a depth of study.  Before the application of the Appropriate Technology in any particular field (or) project, it should contain detail studies of the project management, flows and phases of the projects, like, finance, material, means of production, execution, orientation, feasibility and approval etc.  On studying the basic concept of the appropriate technology thoroughly, it can be applied in the field of Watershed management. 

The appropriate technology in watershed management may include the form of equipment useful for the effective watershed management, methods like contour forming, construction of checkdams, places of water catchment and harvesting, and bunds. Depression harvesting, harvesting below ground level, ground and rain water-harvesting etc. Also usage of low cost technology in the area of the water conservation and utilisation of water, application of the low cost technology in rural water supply and delivery system, like cultivation of wastelands, tree culture, farm forestry, horticulture, social forestry etc. Having the deeper knowledge and study in the field of basic concepts of Appropriate Technology, we may extend the same in the effective management of watersheds.

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