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 Chairman: Prof. D. P. Giridhar & Dr. T. V. Ramachandra

Effective Reuse of Municipal Waste Water

Diwahar V and Samuel Devadoss R Address

Water is the basic element of social and economic infrastructure and is essential for healthy society and sustainable development. About 97 % of water on the earth are found in the oceans, more than 2% remains frozen in the polar region and glaciers. The rest of less than 1% are found in streams, rivers, and lakes and as groundwater.

 Consequences of the rapid increase in density of population, fast urbanisation, industrialisation and agricultural use, the demand of water is increasing day by day. The scarcity of fresh water puts the people to trap groundwater; ultimately it results in the depletion of groundwater resource. To overcome the demand, the reuse of treated municipal wastewater as a source of supply for non-potable uses.

 The reuse application includes landscape and agricultural irrigation, industrial use, water for construction activities, vehicle washing, toilet flushing and fire fighting. The big challenge is to establish guidelines and standards for non-potable and indirect potable reuse, which will provide highest level of safety and reliability to the public. Eventually, we conclude in this paper how the treated municipal water can be used for household purpose and how it is analysed.

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