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 Chairman: Prof. D. P. Giridhar & Dr. T. V. Ramachandra

Water Resource Management using Spatial Analysis Tools

Kirtuthigaa Jeyaram 


Conservation of environment becomes one of the basic necessities of human race due to urbanisation, rapid industrialisation and population explosion. Human beings interact with and transform the natural world through the use of technology. Over the course of human history we have developed increasingly powerful technologies, with greater scope of affecting the state of natural and human world. Natural resources are to be exploited from the available potential sources. The need of water, the most essential and indispensable requirement of life, is felt more and more for better living. With the increase in population, the per capita consumption has increased  from a few litres to as much as 600 litres per day in developing countries. In drought affected areas, tanks and reservoirs are rapidly left unfilled, thereby causing acute toxicity of water and millions of hectares of irrigated land without sowing. The present study on water resource management incorporating spatial analysis tool is undertaken in Government College of Technology Campus, Coimbatore. This is an attempt made to improve the prevailing management strategies of a smaller community, which resembles any typical urban community so that proposed strategies could be replicated to any other urban community of any size.

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