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 Chairman: Prof. D. P. Giridhar & Dr. T. V. Ramachandra

Characteristics of Lake Water, Sediment and its Impact on Groundwater

Praveen Kumar S and Santhaveerana Goud B


Two lakes namely Bellandur and Allasandra were considered for the present study. These two lakes are located in the outskirts of Bangalore City and cover an area of 17.42 and 144 hectares respectively. The lake water, sediment and nearby groundwater samples were collected and analysed for physical, chemical and biological parameters and heavy metals as per the standard methods. Concentration of copper, lead, Cadmium, nickel, manganese and chromium were analysed using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Elevated concentration of TDS were recorded in both the lakes i.e., 888 in Allasandra lake and 666 in Bellandur lake and 1080 and 3254 mg/L respectively for the groundwater near the lakes. The heavy metals in the lake sediment are within the limits. But the lake water and groundwater comes under poor quality for organised community water supplies and hence requires intensive physical and chemical treatment i.e.,  chlorination, aeration, chemical precipitation, coagulation, flocculation, settling, filtration and adsorption. The study has revealed that the lakes were polluted because of untreated municipal wastewater joining the lakes.

Address: Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, 
Bangalore University, Bangalore. 
Department of Civil Engineering, Bangalore University, Bangalore.