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 Chairman: Prof. D. P. Giridhar & Dr. T. V. Ramachandra

Water, Soil and Sediment Investigations to Explore the Status and Management Options of Aquatic Ecosystem 

Raushan Kumar and Ramachandra T.V. 


Aquatic ecosystem is a complex and dynamic system perform numerous valuable environmental functions like nutrient recycle, ground water recharge, stream flow maintenance, habitat for flora and fauna and recreation for people. Structural changes in the ecosystem will have significant effect on its functioning. These structural changes take place due to unplanned developmental activities without holistic approach on watershed basis. These effects could be cumulative and its assessment is required for remedial measures.   To explore the ecological status in Sharavathi catchment due to river valley hydroelectric project investigation is being undertaken. Water, soil and sediment quality was analysed using standard analytical methods. The water quality is impaired due to non-point source of pollution. This includes soil erosion and biological coliform at few sites. Soils under study are deficient in nutrients like nitrates phosphate and sulphates but rich in organic matter. Since the character of sediment is highly dependent on the basin character and soils of catchment having fewer amounts of above-mentioned nutrients consequently sediment also? The management options suggested are constructed wetlands and effective soil erosion control method i.e. social forestry based on soil type not monoculture and using green manure based on seasons.

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