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Session15: Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing

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Chairman: Dr. Ramachandra T.V.

Rapporteur: H. S. Sudhira

Landuse / Land Cover Change Detection Why and How? An Overview using aids of Geoinformatics and Image Processing

Afsari Jan & M.R.Vijaindra


Landuse and landcover are two different aspects of land, which are spatial in nature and accredit to describe the multitemporal changes in various facets of the lithosphere and Hydrosphere. In this paper an attempt is made to present the need of change detection in regional and infrastructure planning. This is suggested with the use of Digital Image Processing and Geographic Information System as tools to derive fast and accurate results for immediate application. 

The conventional maps are very old and consume a colossal of time, money and manpower for preparation, not only that their updating is a big hassle. Which involves extensive field survey, men and money. When the map comes to planning table for recommendation the scenario in reality would have changed giving way to only piecemeal implementation. Here the satellite data with temporal resolution acts as a boon providing instant information, which is true, explicit and unhampered. Which when processed to desired need gives near perfect information depending on the resolution of the sensor, which decides the clarity of the imagery. A brief account of various techniques of change detection and some examples of practical implementation is sited with an action plan, which can be implemented to any big city

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