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Session15: Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing

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Chairman: Dr. Ramachandra T.V.

Rapporteur: H. S. Sudhira

Rainfall Information System of Karnataka to Analyze 
Causes in its Change and Monitor using Remote Sensing and GIS

Vijaindra M.R. & Afsari Jan


 This paper deals with IRS P4 satellite data (Ocean Colour Monitor), which covers whole of Karnataka the swath of the satellite is 1420Kms. The data of years 2000 and 2001 is used to make a comparative study to understand change in total rainfall and its distribution. As geographers we have tried to give some answers to this change. 

A rainfall information system for Karnataka is created using Arc view and Arc info softwares. Where the talukwise rainfall databases for both the years is created for performing various spatial queries. This digital database is compatible and can be updated at regular intervals providing a sequential dataset for modelling process and observing the rainfall process and monitoring it various suggestions have been suggested to the primary sector which will lead to more utilisation of the rainwater and reduce runoff which also depletes the surface soil in poorly vegetated stretches. Image processing has been used to find the vegetal cover in both the years so that the variations can be understood and the causes are identified. This basically is an example as to how GIS can be used in different fields to extract the type of output desired. Noticeable change in the rainfall data showed the unpredictability of monsoons. 

Address: Dept. Of Geography, Bangalore University
Dept. Of Remote Sensing, Birla Institute Of Technology
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