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Session14: Sustainable water resources management 
and water resources policy/Coastal Ecosystems 

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Chairman: Dr. Devashish Kar

Rapporteur: Sreekantha

Sustainable Water Resources Management for Bangalore The Project Agastya Initiative

Vasanth Kumar, Rajeev Kumar and Jagannatha V 


"A Sustainable community safeguards itself while not damaging that of others. - IUCN/UNEP/WWF, 1991).

Community living with urban development projects without the validation of Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) are a reality in India, causing irreparable health, resources and ecological losses. As a necessity, over 1300 local authorities have simultaneously embarked on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI,1997). These success stories have also affirmed the feasibility of sustainable urban development with judicious management of water and waste resources.

The alternative urban future in developing countries by environmentally benign strategies with community participation in making best use of local skills, knowledge, culture and resources is essential for sustainable cities. Absence of adequate participatory tools in urban planning, design and management can cause disastrous economical and ecological impacts. These impacts could be irreversible.

As a departure from the conventional planning and management in developmental projects, community participation as emphasised in Karnataka Jalasamvardhana Yojana for development of lakes and tanks in Karnataka is one such ongoing initiative. In the urban context, lakes and tanks restoration, even though a priority, need comprehensive Environmental Technology Validation and effective Community participation. 

A few months back at Bangalore, a team of young, talented & ambitious professionals met and decided that they need to get together and do something constructive for the city of Bangalore. Thus, a voluntary initiative Project Agastya was born under the 25/Bangalore Foundation and incubated by ICAMT/UNIDO.

Project Agastya, has embarked upon Water Resources Management in Bangalore. This Paper describes Vision and Agenda of Project Agastya for Water Resources Management at Bangalore.  The initiative has specific impact on the restoration of Lakes at Bangalore.

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